Chamber Opera “α”

“Not only it is an opera – it is a “comic-strip opera” about a female superhero who is fighting both supernatural and earthly demons, about her trials and struggles in the world. To me, the “α” opera resembles a set of pages – a comic book. The “α” opera is MEGA-feminine.” Stage director GoraParasit

Official Trailer  and  Official Production Page

03_Martynas Aleksa
Photo by Martynas Aleksa


Lithuanian Press About NOA Festival and Opera “α”:

Asta Andrikonytė, Vilniuje lietuviai kuria fantastiškas operas, 2018-04-25
Emilija Visockaitė, Naujosios operos akcija: menai, mašinos, žmonės, 2018-04-26
Rasa Murauskaitė, Operomanų treniruotės, 2018-06-06
Ingrida Regelskienė, Akustinės patirtys, 2018-06-22

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